Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There Was a Holiday?

So my normal lead up to Valentine's Day is dread or depression as I am always single and have been for forever. Well, that's not quite true. There were a few times I would plan out little gifts to my friends as I knew I would be receiving Valentines from them. That was usually fun. Actually, I take back the whole dread and depression statement. I'm sure there were some years where I felt that way (probably high school), but mostly it has been another chance to show love for my friends. Not that I need a holiday for that, but hey any excuse for gifting, right?

This year, however, it totally snuck up on me. Or I really just don't care about much these days. Work is so busy. I mean so busy that I am way behind on reading my blogs. Those who know me know how much I usually keep up on my blogs. I think the last time I had zero blogs to read was over a month ago and that was even with me just marking some as read.

My only clue that Valentine's Day was approaching was that one of our admins had each of us secretly deliver a paper heart to a coworker stating what we appreciated about them. A Secret Valentine, if you will. We drew out the heart so who I picked was totally random and I was one of the first to choose so there were many possible options, but I happened to choose the one coworker I have been having the worst time with at work. It was so hard to think of what to say. He's a nice guy so I wrote about him as a person not someone to work with. I didn't do it though until the last possible moment and in the few days that I had he managed to upset me even more. It was so hard. Probably meant to be.

Only when I needed to figure out what to write did Valentine's even enter my mind. Monday, we got cute little sugar cookies that the same admin brought in to commemorate the day. When I went home I just did my usual. Made dinner and watched TV. It was only when I realized that all my shows were focused around Valentine's Day that I thought this may be the most uneventful Valentine's Day ever for me and I was totally fine with it. Thank goodness. Luckily other than the TV shows I wasn't exposed to too much lovey doveyness of people I knew in couples. My mind is just in a fog. I work and have so much going on that when I come home I just veg out and let my brain just shut down. It's great.

The only thing is that there was a knock on my door that night. Our outside light has been out for a while so I couldn't see anything. Before I opened the door I had a feeling that no one would be there and I was right. All there was was a little present left for me. Well, I had to ruin the fun so I went out into the carport and yelled out Melanie's name. I knew she was hiding somewhere because I spotted her truck. It didn't take long before I spotted her crouched behind my rommate's car. She hates that I looked for her but I couldn't help it. She took off soon thereafter. Probably to have more successful ring and runs. I feel a little bad that I didn't do Valentine gifts for my friends this year, but only a little. Like I said above I don't care about much these days. Just getting from one day to the next.


julie said...

Yeah, Valentine's Day never bothered me when I was single. I didn't mind the love-centered TV episodes or decorations. I thought it was kind of fun.

I wondered if it would be stressful having a guy in my life this year (since I'm a horrible gifter), but it was just fun.

I hope work slows down for you a bit so you can catch up on your blogs! :)

Framed said...

As you know, I actually did something for my co-workers this Valentine's Day and it was kind of fun. But for me, it has always been pretty uneventful. A group came in and serenaded one of the tellers though and it was beautiful.