Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Developments in the Dating World

Minor though they may be.

I do not date very much. Not really because I don't want to, I just don't get asked. The last few years, I don't really put myself into situations to meet men who could ask me out. Dating is such a hassle. Too bad it's what you gotta do to get married.

I've always been wary of set ups. Mainly because I don't feel I can be myself on blind dates. I'm always a little shy when I first meet people and even though I can overcome it if needed, I'm usually uncomfortable and awkward. But you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

About a month ago, my friend and coworker Emily said she had a friend she wanted to set me up with. That he was really into movies like I was and was a really great guy and thought we would hit it off. Well, I told her I would think about it. My last set up wasn't the best so I was a little gun shy. She didn't push the issue which I really appreciate.

Then a few weeks ago my boss, Adam, sent me an email that said "My wife wants to set you up with her brother." I was stunned. I've only met my boss's wife one time for five seconds and while I know Adam has talked about me to her, he doesn't know many personal things about me. So I don't know why his wife thought we would be a good fit. She's just probably lining up dates for him wherever she can.

So Adam and had a long conversation about his brother-in-law and how weird it would be if it worked out and we were related. It would be so funny. He seems like a nice guy. He lives in California now but is considering moving to Utah in order to find his special someone. He had been out that week for a vacation and General Conference but he was leaving the next day.

The night before, I get a text from Adam telling me he talked to Scott (the brother-in-law) about me and he was interested in taking me out when he comes back into town in possibly a few weeks. I said sure. Then Adam said Scott wanted to talk first via Facebook or phone or whatever and would I add him as a friend. I said sure.

I have added Scott as a friend and have not heard one word from him. No biggie, though when Adam asked me about it he seemed bugged with Scott for not messaging me. Oh well.

During this whole thing I told Emily I would go out with her friend if he wanted to. His name is Jonathan and I checked him out on Facebook to see what he was like. Great taste in music, movies and TV shows. I know he checked me out on Facebook and thought the same thing so told Emily "Why not." He called me on a Thursday to make a date for the next week. Tuesday was decided and that we would go see a movie and maybe get dessert afterward. Monday night he was supposed to call but nothing. It was weird, but maybe he just forgot. No he did call, but my phone is retarded and didn't show me the missed voicemail until the next morning. I called him right away and we confirmed our plans. Dinner at Zupas and go see Win-Win.

The date went very well. He is a really nice guy and easy to talk to. We talked about work and movies and other people we both knew. He had actually been in my ward for a while last year, but I had never seen him at church. Probably because I wasn't there myself most of the time and when I was I kept to myself. The movie was really good. I liked it a lot. I would go out with him again if he asked me. We hugged good bye and he made a vague we should go another movie sometime comment. I agreed so we'll see. Maybe we'll just be movie buddies.

I haven't asked Emily if she got any feedback from him about our date. I don't really want to though I am curious, but I figure his actions pretty much tell me.

So that's my dating life, exciting as it is. Probably my only date of the year. I usually average about one date a year. Maybe once I feel comfortable I'll try online and then that number may go up, but until then....

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Kate Weber said...

I hope he calls back! If he's got great taste in movies, he's already amazing for you! :D