Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sexism at the Movie Theatre

Melanie and I went to see True Grit last night. I had already seen it, but it was a really good movie so I was fine seeing it again and it was only a $1. When we came out of the movie some guy started walking next to us and said, "That's not a movie I would expect to see two girls come out of. Why did you go see that?" We both said we wanted to see it and it was good. He kind of kept going on how it's not a chick flick and so it's weird that we went to it. He asked our names and since we got a weird vibe from him Melanie introduced herself as Melissa and I introduced myself as Jessica. Never given a wrong name before. It was fun.

I was so blindsided the encounter that it wasn't until after we left that I realized I should have let him have it for being so sexist. He had even said the reason we must have seen it was because Matt Damon was in it. Whatever dude!! It was a good movie! An academy award nominated movie!! Don't put people into categories just because of their sex!! He was lame. I'm sure he thought he was being quite funny. But no.

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Cardine said...

I, too, went with just another girl to 'True Grit.' That man was crazy. A movie is a movie.