Friday, January 20, 2012

It's been a hard month

Well, I hope this will be the last depressing/angry post that I write in a while, but this month has been awful. 

First, major post holiday blues.  I just couldn't shake them especially when my roommate Tamara tells me that our other roommate Kristina is moving out and her best friend is moving.  I really like Kristina so I was sad to hear that.  Tamara and I don't really get along, it's ridiculous that we've lived together for eight year, but the last four have not been good but bearable.  I had an offer on a house.  I really hoped I would get it, but unfortunately I didn't.  It just seemed like everything was going wrong in my life.  I felt so alone.  Crying all the time.  My poor mom was probably so worried because I would always cry when I talked to her. 

Then my friend Melanie pushed me to go look at another place that our friend is renting out.  I would share with two unknown girls but I would get the master suite.  Bigger room, walk-in closet and my own bathroom.  It was nice and the girls sound like good girls.  I was still really reluctant to make the move.  I was really stressed about it.  I've lived in my house for eight years.  Change is scary.  It took Melanie just pushing and pushing until and cried and gave in.  Even after I told Kasey (the owner) that I would move in, I still wasn't sure.  Even talking to my mom I was crying and could not understand my feelings.  She felt like I should do it because I have been so unhappy in my home life.  That I'm just really disappointed that I didn't get my house.  I think that's really true.

So in three weeks from that point, I would be moving.  Amazingly, my crazy roommate made me feel so much better about my decision.  She has just been doing things that continually piss me off.  Because her friend wants to paint the bathroom (currently mine and Kristina's), Tamara has taken it upon herself to get it done.  I thought she would wait until I was moved out.  But she's not working right now and bored.  It's this chocolate brown color now.  It feels like a dark brown hole.  And when Tamara was done painting she left her brushes and glass casserole dish that she used as a paint tray (Why?) in our bathtub all day.  I finally had to clean it up and scrub our tub so I could take a shower.  Then she changed the shower curtain with whatever she picked out and it was too heavy for the rod so it kept falling down.  Again something I had to deal with.  There's a slew of other things.  I just can't wait until it's over.  I even asked her to stop making changes to the bathroom (granted it may have come out harsh) and now we are in this fight because she thinks I'm rude.  How dare I not appreciate her "making the house nice?"  Maybe you're definition of nice is not mine.  It's my bathroom.  Whatever, one more week and I won't have to deal with her anymore.

While all this is going on, my work is being completely overhauled and no one but the high-ups know what's going on.  It's just rampant speculation.  Good thing I got my promotion and raise when I did or else it wouldn't have happened.  Anyway, it's causing a lot of stress not to mention this is really the busiest time of year for me.

I hope in a little over a week everything will be much better.  I do have an exciting trip to Peru to look forward to so that's something though the cost worries me a little.  But I'll deal with it.  And just because I'm moving doesn't mean I'm giving up the house hunt.  I'm still on the look out.  Maybe third time's a charm.   


julie said...

Moving can be hard but so beneficial! It's a pain to have to pack all your stuff and sometimes it's not easy having to figure out where you're going to put it in the new place. However, it's good for going through your stuff and realizing what you don't need any more (because why pack and move what you don't need). Good time to clean out junk! And, I bet you'll be happier where you're going than where you've been - at least recently. I've never heard of someone who is so inconsiderate as T can be. I can't believe she didn't wait to paint YOUR bathroom until you left and then left you to clean up the mess. Sigh. Yeah, I really think you're going to be better off.

See you Saturday!

Framed said...

Reading this four weeks after the fact helps so much because I know how much better things are for you. I can't wait to see your new place but I will be so happy whne you finally find a house that is really yours.